3D visualization


Exterior Visuals

3D exterior visuals are a vital part in the projection of a residential or commercial project. Our exterior visuals have unique way of expressing architectural designs in detail. We use various techniques, considering the different needs of each client, in order to provide the right kind of 3D visual.

Interior Visuals

Interior visuals are an important design tool. Our interior visual service produces high-end photo like interior 3D renders that give an accurate representation of a space.

3D Plans

Square Feet Story helps clients to easily visualize their dreams in the design of their homes or commercial spaces in 3D. The architect’s lines can be transformed into floor plans of top quality visualizations.

Virtual Reality

One image worth’s a thousand words, but a 360 image is worth so much more! Our virtual reality works provide an ultimate experience of presentation. So the perception and understanding are much larger than using the traditional media.


3D animation is one of the best ways of presenting projects. Detailed and lively animations are also a part of our elaborate service.

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