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True to an integrated spirit that is characteristic of the perfect apartment, our residential architecture is designed in response to environmental, landscape and customer needs. This follows the belief that our surroundings directly affect the quality of our lives and that include our homes. SFS creates architecture that renders every project unique. Our inherent fascination for exploring the varying nuances with how people live; specifically, the relationship between creating beautiful inner sanctums, and designing functional environments that suit individual and family needs, our architectural team of conceptual designers, and technical detailing specialists work towards a consistent creative vision. Our residential architects work directly with our clients to evaluate project feasibility. This includes planning objectives as well as key commercial decisions regarding multiple occupancy design. The studio combines strategic thinking with design creativity to provide value-added innovative design solutions for all housing schemes. This ensures projects are attractive to the market, and meet the required long-term occupancy needs.

In line with our commitment to an integrated approach, our residential architecture is meticulously designed to harmonize with environmental, landscape, and customer requirements. We firmly believe that our surroundings play a pivotal role in enhancing our quality of life, and this extends to our homes. 

At Square Feet Story, our architectural philosophy revolves around creating distinctive designs that cater to the diverse ways people live. Our dedicated team of conceptual designers and technical experts collaborates to maintain a cohesive creative vision. Our residential architects work closely with clients to assess project feasibility, including planning objectives and crucial decisions related to multi-occupancy designs.

 Our team combines strategic thinking with design ingenuity to deliver innovative solutions that add value to housing schemes, ensuring they resonate with the market and fulfill long-term occupancy needs.

Planning Applications

Our seasoned architectural team boasts extensive experience in dealing with planning departments. We offer expert guidance on all planning and building regulation aspects, ranging from small-scale projects to large residential developments. When necessary, we collaborate with external planning consultants to achieve comprehensive results.

Sustainable Design

We believe that good design should be responsible. In pursuit of this goal, our studio actively explores the use of recycled materials and responsibly sourced products across all our expertise areas. We are dedicated to experimenting with passive design strategies to enhance comfort, optimize thermal control, shading, and ventilation. 

Our commitment to responsible design has led several of our projects to achieve environmental accreditations, with some earning the prestigious ‘outstanding’ rating from BREEAM, the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for buildings.

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of architectural design concepts, from complex and innovative hexagonal designs to drawing inspiration from Mughal architectural traditions. We understand the distinction between architecture and interior design and integrate acoustic considerations into our designs.

We offer architectural services near you and have a rich portfolio of visually striking projects. Whether it’s basement architecture, fluidity in design, house interior architecture, Indian or industrial architecture, or modern architecture interior design, our team is equipped to meet your specific needs. We also excel in outdoor architecture design and employ a team of architectural designers dedicated to translating your vision into reality.

Planning Applications

The architectural team has a wealth of experience with planning departments We advise on all planning matters and building regulations, from small to large scale residential schemes. Where required, we work in consultation with and also external planning consultant teams.


Sustainable Design

Good design must be responsible. To this aim, the studio experiments with recycled materials, as well as responsibly sourced products in all areas of expertise. Exploration into passive ways for comfort, thermal control and shading, and ventilation, is a key element to the studio’s ethos surrounding responsible design. A number of buildings completed by the studio have achieved relevant environmental accreditation, some achieving the highest rating ‘outstanding’ by BREEAM, the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for buildings.


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