Square Feet Story: Turning Your Visions Into Reality

Design is a composition of ideas and execution. When art and functionality come together in harmony, great design is created. The extent to which design can excel is not bound by any measure nor inhibited by resources.

At Square Feet Story, Design is all about perfection achieved through innovation. We provide Design Solutions ranging from Architecture to Interior and so much more! With a board of brilliant minds who relentlessly pursue art in their work to produce masterfully crafted projects, we are here to create designs tailored to dreams.


Designs Tailored To Dreams

Architects at Square Feet Story are inspired by art. Let these artists design your space that speaks of immaculate taste. We offer planning applications, building regulation solutions, and sustainable design solutions concerning the environment.

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Interior Design Tailored to Dreams

Aesthetically Optimized Designs

Square Feet Story aspires to create timeless interior designs that are the result of a proper balance amongst space, aesthetics, and the homeowner’s vision.

We aim to create a dazzling transformation that lets you transcend the ordinary.

Cultivating the proper balance between a building and its interiors requires the conceptualization and elevation of a surroundings-centric interior plan. Let us transform your space that resonates with peace through balance, beauty, and functionality.

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3D Visualization

Get a glimpse of your dream’s future

Experience architectural design before it takes place with the 3D Visualization service from Square Feet Story, and see the beautiful beginning of your dream come true.

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Landscaping: Majestic Greenery for Your Space

Our landscaping department offers a comprehensive suite of services, including planning, landscape architecture, urban design, implementation, and maintenance. Let us transform your surroundings with lush greenery strategically designed to beautify your space and refresh its atmosphere.

In the ever-evolving world of interior design in Bangladesh, Square Feet Story stands as a beacon of innovation, craftsmanship, and artistry. Our designs are not confined by measures or limited by resources; they are a reflection of your aspirations and our unwavering commitment to perfection.

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