Expert Tips for Making a Small Room Look Bigger

Small rooms are cluttered very easily. But they can also be made organized and spacious using a few easy tips and tricks. At times, you may feel frustrated by having a small space—especially, if you’re intending to decorate it and bring in more furniture. But don’t be disheartened as small rooms are easier to organize, clean and decorate.

You don’t need to break your bank to make these changes, just a couple of readjustments and thoughtful addition will work wonders for you. Let us show you how you can make your small room look bigger.


A cluttered space always ruins the peace of mind and extra room for belongings. Hence, if you want to have a spacious and immaculate space, then declutter. We always store up many things that we don’t even need e. g. clothes, furniture, old cartons etc. Find a way to discard unnecessary stuff and make your space orderly.

You can keep the stuff that you rarely need out of view and under a table skirt or on a shelf or better, in a storeroom. Different organizing tools such as laundry baskets, and storage boxes, can equally be handy when it comes to tucking away the mess.

Source: Architectural Digest

Paint the Walls Neutral

Softer and cool colours make your space appear airy and open. Whereas bold and dark colours can make your small space appear smaller than it already is. So, choose a neutral colour scheme to paint your walls. Colours such as pale pastel, eggshell white and sea green invite an airy vibe into your room and make it look expansive.

But don’t use contrasting colours as they tend to break space into several small sections, making it appear even smaller. Also, try to match the colour of the furniture with your wall. They will blend in together while creating the illusion of a bigger room.

Let the Light in

A sunny and bright room always looks nice! Hence, let as much light as possible. Whether via natural light or artificial lighting, try to keep your room well-lit and avoid heavy draperies and fabrics that weigh your room down.

You can use lightweight linen and nylon net as draperies to increase the buoyancy in your room as air can pass through them very easily. To increase artificial lighting, consider using LED bulbs and installing lamps and string lights.

Source: Aspect Wall Art

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to making a room look bigger. You can place an oversized framed mirror against a wall or a large mirror on a wall to get the room-enlarging effect, mixed with style. Mirrors reflect light and create an illusion of depth, making a small room appear larger.

To bring variation into your space, create a gallery wall of small mirrors to add visual interest and make the room feel more spacious. Mirrored furniture and decor accessories can also be used to add a touch of glamour and make your small room appear larger.

Source: Pinterest

Think Vertically

Vertical lines draw the eye upward, creating an illusion of height and making a small room feel taller. It can be a tall bookshelf, vertical shiplap, vertically oriented artwork or a hanging lamp, find elements that emphasize the vertical space in the room. This will give the impression of higher ceilings and make the room appear more open and increase the airiness.

Fool the Eye

You can easily make your small room appear larger to the eye by using a few large, simple pieces of furniture instead of smaller ones, which usually make small spaces look cluttered and disorganized. Moreover, avoid using multiple flooring materials, as it can create a choppy and disjointed look that can make the room feel smaller. Instead, choose a single flooring material, such as hardwood or tile, and extend it throughout the room to create a seamless flow.

Keep It Simple

Always remember: when it comes to small spaces, less is more. Avoid cluttering the room with too many furniture pieces or accessories, as it can cramp your space. Instead, opt for minimalistic and streamlined furniture that has a small footprint. Additionally, keep the decor minimal and choose a few statement pieces rather than overcrowding the room with decor items.

Source: Ideal Home

Take Away

You can keep your small room expansive and inviting with thoughtful editing. Try to avoid busy patterns and overwhelming colors. The more pieces and possessions you will have in your room, the more cluttered your room will feel. The bottom line is you need to be intentional while decorating your small room and use the right strategies that will space look bigger.