Summer Gardening In Small Spaces

Summer Gardening In Small Spaces

With Spring season in full swing, your green thumb must be twitching badly for some much-needed gardening. However, being an urban resident, you may be hard up for proper gardening space. But a smart green thumb does not let that get in the way of blooming flora and finds innovative ways to achieve a perfectly beautiful garden. Be it outdoor or indoor, outfitting any small space is challenging but achievable. The key to this is space optimization, and there are thousands of small gardening ideas to be inspired by. As Summer is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to indulge in gardening efforts for the bloom to flourish in time.


Read on below to discover some innovatively inspiring Summer gardening ideas:


  • Vertical Gardening:


Vertical gardens are amazing with not just being aesthetic but also saving space. Any wall, fence/ railing, or standing shelving unit can be transformed into easy, affordable, and eye-catching vertical gardens that can drastically change the grammar of your space. 


  • Balcony Gardening:


Balconies are amazing spots to garden to brighten up the outlook of your whoole space. Revive a dreary outdoor space by whitewashing brickwork and refreshing weathered wood. Create a cheery festival vibe by adding a stack of cushions and rigs in folksy florals and sunny brights.

Not only will these ideas bring joy, but the pops of colour against a white backdrop will give the space an illusion of being bigger than it is in reality. Choose slightly small benches and rugs than normal to heighten this effect.

  • Spice Pot:

If you do not have a balcony to makeover or space for a vertical garden, then consider placing a large pot. Find a sunny, breezy spot in your space, and place a large plant-pot in there. Large plant pots are aesthetically and functionality versatile. Multiple small plants can be potted in one pot, to make a spice garden or succulent terrarium. Usually, these do not require much maintenance, and emanate health benefits through its presence.


  • Hanging Garden:

Hanging gardens are a super-affordable yet fun way to go about your gardening efforts. This optimizes the space the most while amplifying the aestehtic appeal. The addition of string lights or carefully placed LED light can elevate their look to a near-fairytale like state.


  • Exotic Gardening Spots:

Besides balconies and gardening spaces, there are other spots in your space that have the potential to be an attractive garden. Consider the staircase of your floor, lobby, rooftop or an empty parking spot. This is where creativity and imagination are unbound, and you can create a signature look that will elevate the space’s appearance tenfolds. 

With a little creativity and a few clever design tricks to maximize space, there are so many small garden ideas to be inspired by. If you’re not sure where to begin before the warm weather arrives in your area, you cxan opt for Landscaping by Square Feet Story for professional help.