kitchen interior design in bangladesh

The Modern Kitchen : Functional & Stylish

The kitchen of a house is not just the place where delicious food comes to life. It is a spot where ideas, creativity, and experiments happen regularly. Inspired by the desire to fulfill the tummies, and in terms, the hearts of the loved ones of the house, kitchens are where mini-stories and dreams take place. The traditional Bangladeshi kitchen has literal roots in the ground. Called ‘Rannaghor’ or ‘Paaker Ghor’ in Bangla, the Bengali kitchens of yesteryear used to be a simple shed added as an annex to the main house, mostly walled by straw or building-clay. The stove used to be made out of clay and a woodfire would go on from dawn till dusk. Time-induced evolution eventually brought forth more advanced versions of it, consisting of gas burner stoves and sinks, and instead of being an annex to homes, the kitchen became a central part of it. The nature and preparation of Bengali cuisine are such that we often find our kitchens to be a messy part of the house. Add to that the country’s hot, humid climate, and the goal of having a sparkling clean kitchen becomes only an unattainable dream.

However, time is still moving forward and the preferences of the people are evolving with it. Kitchens are not only just a functional space but have also become a style-statement of a home. Factoring in the busy urban life of various aged people, health concerns, and the versatility of a kitchen’s purpose, the modern kitchen is a space that requires detailed focus. Read on below to find out some useful tips about achieving a perfectly functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen for you:

1. Space and layout :

If you are renting or a ready-flat owner, then making adjustments to the space dimensions and layout of the kitchen may not be a feasible solution for you. The most you can do in this segment is to simply make the best out of your situation. A good idea here is to opt for interior renovation and storage addition which can give your kitchen a huge facelift. For those who are in the planning stages of construction, you have the liberty to talk to your architect about the details of your dream kitchen. Your architect should always try to place the kitchen on a side of the floorplan where there is enough ventilation. You will be a lucky duck if your kitchen can have windows on two walls instead of just one. If you only can manage a single window then ask your contractor to make it as big as possible. This will help with ventilation and decrease oil-spotting on your walls. Your burner should always be placed by the window, and if not, then a kitchen-hood is a must for the spotless kitchen you want. If you have a second window, then that is the spot to place the sink for some natural air-drying action or you can simply put the sink beside the burner by your single window. Point to be noted here, a lot of this depends on the drainage, plumbing, and gas setup of your house. If your kitchen space comes with a balcony then try to have it designed in a way so that you can put your garbage system out there to eliminate bad odors and unwanted bug infestation. If you can swing it, add garbage disposals to your sink which can keep the cockroaches at bay.

2. Counterspace :

For kitchens both big and small, counter space is quintessential. This is the prepping station which post-cooking becomes the spot where the dishes are kept before being served. Counter spaces can be styled to make a kitchen appear decorated and maintained. From small plants to any kitchen decor item, counter spaces are an amazing way to showcase your aesthetic creativity. If your space allows you then add an island that can also function as a small serving spot and gives you some extra storage. With lighting technology being what it is today, you can also unleash the decorator in you with some clever pane lighting. You should also consider the number and kind of appliances you are going to use in your kitchen and plan your counter space accordingly.

kitchen interior design in bangladesh

3. Storage :

The importance of sufficient storage cannot be emphasized enough. Storage is the key to make your kitchen appear neat, put together, and styled attractively. Unless you are intentionally displaying your pots and pans as a style statement, these have no business being in front of the eyes. Ample storage also helps you to organize your utensils how you want and is easy to maintain. Go for covered cabinets to hide our weathered but trusted cooking pots and glass cabinets for your spices and special dinnerware. Install spotlights or LED strips for added grandeur and you will have more traffic in the kitchen than in the living room at your next party.

kitchen interior design in bangladesh

4. Lights :

While ample daytime light is necessary, adding sufficient light in the kitchen for nighttime is important too. Install a modern chandelier or pendant lighting on top of your island or prepping station. Add enough basic lighting right over the stove and the sink. Make sure to add a soothing but small table lamp on a surface of your choice that can double as a dim light and a decor piece.

kitchen interior design in bangladesh

5. Tiles

Do not underestimate the power of beautiful tiles to not only enhance the beauty of your kitchen but also its functionality. Tiles are easy to clean and do not require high maintenance. For your floors, go with a neutral-toned tile design that does not show spots too much, and choose minimalistic tile prints. The current trend is to go with large chunks of floor tiles which add to the feeling of spaciousness. On the other hand, for your kitchen walls go with smaller shaped tiles. You can choose from an array of kitchen tiles ranging from subway to herringbone to hexagons and more. The choices are limitless. To stand out, you can use a variety of tiles designs to create a stunning backsplash that immediately catches the eye. Your kitchen wall tiles should be minimalistic and white is a no-fail choice in terms of color. 

6. Materials :

When it comes to the materials to be used for storage units, countertops, and spaces, and all else, you have a variety of options. You can go with wood or board or metal, or marble. This is your call based on your budget. When going with wood it is very important to consult a professional because wood tends to warp and stretch with the seasons. And the wrong kind of wood in a kitchen may result in misshapen structures or pest infestation. Invest in a good burner and good sink that is made of high-quality metals so that with regular maintenance you keep the outlook resh for a long time.

kitchen interior design in bangladesh7. Appliances :

Having the fridge in your kitchen is versatile, and modern for the Bangali kitchen. It is convenient, lets your dining space have more breathing room and the heat from the compressor stays within the kitchen. During construction planning, ask your architect to design a nook for your fridge for placing the appliance seamlessly in your kitchen. Your microwave, blender, rice cooker, decorative kitchenware, coffee machine, etc. should have dedicated spots within easy reach of the power outlets. If you are installing heavy machines such as an oven or a dishwasher then you definitely should consult with the project engineer. If there is a baby in the house then make sure to allocate a separate space for the little one’s things.

kitchen interior design in bangladesh

We truly hope that the suggestions listed above help you to achieve the perfectly styled modern kitchen that you have dreamt of. The takeaway here is that proper planning is the key to kitchen interior success.