Why Landscaping is Necessary

6 Reasons Why Landscaping is Necessary

Bangladesh has been known for its abundant greenery, tropical climate, and flowing rivers for thousands of years. As a nation we always revered natural beauty and kept close to nature as part of our culture and tradition. It was only after the Liberation War that we changed mentalities. Gone were the days of rural bliss, gardening, and small-scale farming at home. We are now accustomed to living in small apartments towering over the city skyline one after another. As a result of that, children have no space to play, families have no area to gather, and a sedentary lifestyle has engulfed most of the citizens of Dhaka. While all this may sound harsh, a simple and easy way to bring nature into your home is landscaping. Here is why we believe landscaping is absolutely necessary for every home.

Breathe life into your home

As unusual as it sounds, this is actually true. Plants play important biological roles in nature. Hence, bringing plants home only makes more sense. Landscaping allows various types of plants to flourish in an environment that fully takes care of them. Plants taken care of at home are pest-free, disease-free, and receive adequate water and sunlight. Consequently, these plants will also take care of you. Green leaves and colorful flowers, with a few fruits here and there make for a vibrant, very lively atmosphere that not only soothes our souls, but also rejuvenates our minds after a hard day in urban life. Plants simply add beauty to the premise and bring you a great sense of mental peace. Therefore, preserving natural elements of the planet is key to a beautiful home and wonderful health.

Save the environment

Landscaping is a branch of eco-friendly architecture that takes great care to ensure that there is minimal damage to the environment. This means landscaping should ideally involve the use of sustainable materials, affordable resources, and design strategies that support flora and fauna without depleting the environment. Now that we are onboard a severe energy crisis because of our ever-sprawling cities, landscaping at home might just be a very handy solution to the associated environmental crisis. It would be your way of being kind to mother nature and a small contribution to the health of the planet!

Enjoy unlimited benefits

When you take care of a carefully curated garden, it will give you back in many different ways. Plants are known to improve air quality both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, they help reduce air pollution. You will notice that many industries deploy landscaping solutions for air, soil, and water purification for this reason, a process called phytoremediation. You can customize landscaping by adding plants with medicinal properties or herbs that can be used to cook delicious recipes. Some fragrant plants can even drive mosquitoes and other harmful insects and pests away! The pleasant smell wafting throughout your home will surely relax you and let you enjoy the day better. 

Indulge in shades of cool

Smart landscaping can allow you to grow larger, shade-providing trees that will protect you from the scorching sun and keep your home cool. Finding solace under a tree and enjoying rainy weather or reading a nice book can provide a much-needed respite from city life. Large trees coupled with smaller trees and shrubs can create a pocket park or rooftop garden where children can play. Adults can stay connected with nature and also enjoy some outdoor exercise and recreation. Your dependency on air conditioners will drastically get reduced with landscaping. 

Manage water systems

Bangladesh used to teem with wetlands and rivers, but the country is drying out at a rapid pace. A major reason for that is deforestation. By creating smart landscaping designs we can conserve and reuse water accordingly in our home. For example, landscaping that focuses on rainwater harvesting and purifying water drainage systems can protect natural waterways and keep wetlands intact. Large-scale landscaping outdoors would definitely encourage biodiversity and prevent flooding.

Add value to your premise

A home that looks full of life with beautiful landscaping and gardens is sure to attract more potential buyers than a dull and boring home with no leafy green corners. So plants not only enhance your physical and mental health, they also amp up the price of your home. Good landscaping also encourages neighbors to pursue similar landscaping, which strengthens the community and spreads the word of landscaping far and wide. However, do keep in mind that landscaping does require regular maintenance. You do not want the roots of trees and plants to damage the walls or plumbing. Overgrowth has to be monitored. Therefore, healthy maintenance is key to a sustainable balance between nature and humans. 

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