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Interior Design: Not Luxury, but a Necessity

With the advent of the digital world, more people are getting obsessed with celebrity-like interior designs or designer interior trends seen on social media. The result? People wrongfully believe that professional interior design is expensive. On the contrary, interior design is actually essential, especially moving into your new home. Imagine shifting to an empty home without cabinets and wardrobes! Where will you organize your things? Even for the most basic needs of a home, you have to get in touch with someone who knows the art. It also becomes necessary when your home needs a serious makeover. The final outcome of an interior concept is your decision, but the designer will skillfully guide you towards that, within your budget. Therefore, instead of doing interiors the DIY way, which can become hellishly expensive, it is better to connect with the professionals, because they know best!

Adding Functionality to Space-squarefeetstory

Adding Functionality to Space

A huge priority of professional interior designers is to ensure that the home appears spacious and bright. Depending on the location of your home, the direction of sunlight, and the breeze, they will know exactly what color combinations, materials, and décor elements need to be added to give your home some extra oomph. They will also understand better how to use every square foot of space efficiently. For example, if your home is quite small, they will strategize in a way that ensures that your home does not look too cluttery. If your home is generously spacious, they will suggest to you how to keep furniture in a minimal and smart manner, without taking away the coziness of every room. They may also suggest built-in furniture, organizers, cabinets, closets, and wardrobes so that you have enough storage facility without cluttering your home with extra pieces of furniture.

Repurposing Space & Décor

Repurposing Space & Décor

Interior designers are also good at modifying existing furniture and repurposing unused space. Say you have vintage décor items and old furniture. They can design it in a manner that is relevant to modern standards yet keep the vintage elements intact. By repurposing old furniture, you do not have to buy new furniture. It saves a lot of money and time on your end. Repurposing décor items can also add extra functionality to things you previously did not think about.

If you have a nuclear family but a large home, chances are that some rooms will be empty. Based on your lifestyle, a professional interior designer can suggest you amazing ways to make these rooms functional and design accordingly. For example, you may have a spare bedroom that you can convert into an indoor play area, or an art studio, or even a home gym. The interior designer can ensure that the use of space is optimum and makes your home appear stylish and elegant.


Setting the Right Vibe

The first job of the designers is to set a budget and try not to exceed it at any cost, while also ensuring that the home is bright and airy. Depending on the theme and individual living in the room, each room will have a different energy, therefore different color palettes. That is too many things to think of, which only professionals can honestly handle. You alone will not be able to think these things through, so it is always best to trust the experts and let them take care of it. If a room is small and placing large furniture blocks ventilation, alternates like wall cabinets can be a great choice. These wall cabinets could be built in a smart way by tucking in extra storage facilities in them. For instance, provision for hanging clothes, and racks could be made all in one inside the cabinets. A wall mirror would be a good example of space utilization. When there is space left any kind of bougie but small furniture, show pieces, or greenery can be incorporated. Even your bed can become a storage facility if you ask the interior designers to build it that way. You want a designer who understands the optimal use of space, light, and breeze, and can ensure the right mood and colors for your home.

Landscaping Strategically

Landscaping Strategically

Going to a renowned designer interior firm can mean a huge amount of money, but will it necessarily be good for your home? If you want to take the cost-effective route, going to a freelancer might save cash, but it will not save your home from shabby interiors. Just because you love plants, they might add too many plants and destroy the view of your home in the process. What you need is a striking balance between price and professionalism. You need an interior designer who can work on any space, who can empathize with what you want to achieve, and not just slap fancy suggestions. If your home appears gloomy, professionals can suggest you add plants that keep your home refreshed and smelling nice. In a cluttery home, they might suggest adding plants that produce oxygen at night or climbers and runners that do not take much space. They can effectively create lush gardens and green spaces for your relaxation after a tiring day.


Getting Value for Money

Interior designers will address all interior design issues with their expertise and find out timeless solutions, which is something that you cannot do alone and something that even social media DIY hacks cannot achieve. For instance, you might have a favorite color, a color that speaks for you and tells your story. However, if that color ends up on the wall just because you love it and does not make your home appear appealing, the interior design will simply depress you. This is exactly why consulting with a designer is so important, because it will prevent you from making incorrect choices for your home even if you like those choices. Designers know which color would make the house look bigger and which can turn your interiors into a disaster. Designers will renovate and color-coordinate everything, from carpet, rugs, curtains, wooden or whiteboard accents, warm lighting, etc. based on your choices. Making all these decisions alone will only get you to spend more and make regrettable choices. Therefore, interior design is not as pricey as you think if you do it right.

Everyone has this perception that the more money you spend on interiors, the more glamorous your home will appear. Your home can look just as lavish by spending modestly as long as the right choices are made. A successful discussion with the designer will help achieve the interior design you want on a budget that you plan for! Therefore, it is always best to hire professionals who can design according to your needs, ensure proper space utilization, has a degree of accountability, and can make do with your budget. Grey.D’ Studio, Shatotto, Interior Concepts & Design Ltd, iNEXTerior Bangladesh are some great choices for your home. The expert team at Square Feet Story is also here to offer you the best interior, architectural, landscaping, and 3D visualization solutions. We design in a way to ensure aesthetics and functionality all within your budget. So why worry about pricing when you can design your house on a budget with the right people?