Great Interior Tips for You

Beat the Heat: 5 Great Interior Tips for You!

Even though we are closer to fall or autumn than we are to summer, we know that Bangladesh’s weather is unpredictable. Each day is a surprise – a breezy, cloudy morning shifts to a bright sky with a blazing sun in no time. But it is a fact that the greatest part of the year is reined by summer.

Because of all the good things summer has to offer, the smell of mango, pickles being licked off of fingers and more, I think it is safe to say that our Bengali hearts are quite fond of it. Even then, it takes a toll on us struggling to get through a white hot summer day. Wondering how to beat the heat while you re sweating even inside your home? Read further to learn how!

Anything light and bright is welcome

That is correct! No other way to feel light and breezy except for giving your rooms a light makeover. Light colors reflect light, thus not retaining or absorbing as much heat as dark colors do. From cushion covers to bed sheets, shift to shades and colors that are light. Warm, bright or pastel, choose a range of shades or a specific palette and maintain the consistency in each room. Pastels will be soft and soothing to the eyes while bright and warm shades will add a fun splash of color. But stick to the lighter shades of the spectrum to keep your home cool, brisk and fresh!

Paint your world: A crisp coat of paint helps!

Changing the covers, bed sheets or curtains to a different shade will help, but adding a splash of light hues to your walls will brighten up the interior, and also make feel refreshed every time you walk in. Pastels would look great on your living room or family lounge, and bedrooms can be adorned with a nicely patterned wall with light colors. Cornflower blue is amazingly soothing to the eyes, so pick out a room where you want that vibe! With a touch of sober shades, your home will have a flattering outlook and will also prevent the rooms from heating up easily.

Rugs and Carpets: Roll them up!

We all love intricately designed carpets in our halls or drawing rooms, and snug little rugs make a great addition to our décor and give a house a homely feel. But if it is summer, you better put them away! In the summer heat, they may psychologically have an effect of making your rooms look congested. Summer requires breathable spaces. And to achieve that, put your heavy rugs and carpets away. Bring in light rugs made of natural fibers for the hot summer months.

Breathe in Green

Green is what you need, no matter what the season. House plants are always a brilliant addition to home. They add a serene aura, and in summer that definitely helps you relax in your home. Hanging small leafy plants by the window also blocks direct sunlight coming in, which keeps the heat at bay. The more the plants, the better! Adding flowery plants to a countertop or table also enhances the overall freshness of your home, and will make the summer days crisp and fun!

Declutter and Décor

A cluttered room will make you feel suffocated, especially in summer. To make your spaces roomy and breathable, get rid of unnecessary things. Stylish and aesthetic décor do add beauty to your space, but during summer a minimalistic approach to your decorate your rooms will give them a wide, spacious appearance that will definitely help you relax not matter how scorching hot the day is!

Keep in mind though; no solution will be a good solution if it is not properly maintained. Keep everything clean and dry, do regular dusting and take care of your house plants. Overall a clean home reflects peace and comfort. So now you are ready to battle the remaining days of summer with a perfect home!