Construction Engineering Management: A Scientific Approach to Construction


Construction Engineering Management is a unique high-end service of Square Feet Story to bring to life residential and commercial spaces the way clients imagine them. It is a turnkey service from concept to completion. In contrast to a standard design and build company, SFS brings top architects and engineers in parallel with in-house construction and project management, all under one roof.


Construction engineering management refers to the use of critical thinking in technical and scientific fields to improve a construction project. It blends engineering (which focuses on design) with construction management, which is concerned with overseeing the actual construction. This often involves designing and executing new solutions and faster processes that can help overcome worksite obstacles and improve efficiency. Construction engineering management can help improve safety, productivity, and natural disaster resilience‚ÄĒreally any aspect of the construction industry could be addressed by this. Construction engineering managers are key players who combine design and efficient management to see projects through to completion. They are likely to manage a spectrum of projects, including the design of drainage and sewage systems, building construction, and overall development.


Before construction even begins, the Construction team of Square Feet Story surveys the job site, addresses environmental issues, studies local laws and codes, and takes care of any other details that need to be settled before construction begins. An engineering manager typically prepares a report on their findings and collaborates with others involved with the project, including governmental agencies, environmental associations, contractors, and subcontractors.


In addition to on-site work, this team often uses modern technology and construction management software to produce and analyze designs for their projects. Qualified engineers who ensure the completion of a given project are assigned. The team members also possess the right knowledge for controlling estimation and planning of associated costs for a project.


The SFS Construction managers possess a thorough understanding of laws, regulations, and building codes, especially those that have a direct impact on the project at hand. They are also capable of estimating the total cost of a given project with consideration given to the following:

  • Site inspections
  • Drainage, sewage, and elevation level tests
  • Equipment and materials
  • Labor


The SFS Construction managers are also responsible for managing the workings of various other entities involved in the project. They are responsible for providing expert supervision from beginning to end while also keeping the project running on or ahead of schedule and within budget. The job requires strong leadership and interpersonal skills and attention to detail. This is why SFS Construction managers possess strong problem-solving, analytical, and mathematical skills. Lastly, the Construction Engineering Management service from Square Feet Story exists to make the life of a landowner easy. Now you can hire our services to build properly without sharing ownership of the land with a third party.