Designs Tailored to Dreams: Square Feet Story

Designs Tailored to Dreams

The design of a space should enhance people’s lives and represent their innate creativeness which is not limited to only interiors. A creative vision that connects construction, architecture and aesthetics, requires an approach that is the result of inquisitive, methodical minds. With this being the mantra of conduct, Square Feet Story presents an extraordinary assortment of experts who work collaboratively to bring visions of the homeowners to life.

Bangladesh has observed notable design evolution in the last 40 years in terms of architectural designs in the real estate industry. The real estate companies have been striving to get in trend with the design evolution. Many factors played important roles in the evolution of building design and features in this sector. This includes a rising number of talented architects, the evolved demand volume and nature of housing, changing urban lifestyle, technological innovation, the need to nurture and be nurtured by nature, optimization of space, functionality and aesthetics, etc. From 2000- 2020, the housing industry saw radical revolutions in terms of design and functionality optimization.


In the beginning, Square Feet Story’s design mantra has been to maximize functionality in building designs. The core belief was that architectural designs should optimize space to accommodate the maximum amount of functionality possible. This was a customer-centric approach, for sure. However, as the preference of the people changed and evolving industry dynamics appeared, the market desired more aesthetics. SFS house experts observed that while incorporating aesthetics to the designs was a call of the time, there is no room for compromise with functionality. Therefore, the obvious answer was to come up with a harmonic blend of aesthetics and functionality that resonated with the customers.

A people-driven endeavor, such as designing spaces encompasses a vast array of expertise. Square Feet Story has outfitted itself with just that. With a team of seasoned architects who revere their trade as art, engineers who are obsessed with attention to details and sales personnel who focus on customer needs rather than simply meeting their KPIs, Square Feet Story aims to enrich the market with projects that are beautiful, environmentally-friendly and are structurally optimized.

Investment in a home is a culmination of the potential homeowner’s dreams, financial readiness, and living requirements. Needless to say that these are exclusively immense investments on their part. Besides basic functionalities, customers want- high-quality construction, disaster-resistant measures, and amenities that make daily life easy. Additionally, the hectic urban life calls for fitness necessities, recreational facilities and the ease of mind derived from having sound security. While all these are important to homeowners, sensory appeal matters to them a lot too. The building they reside in must look nice and the interior arrangement should make living in it satisfactory. The aesthetics must also please guests. The light and ventilation in the densely packed urban areas should be adequate for the sound physiological state of the residents.

Having said all of the above, the team of Square Feet Story focuses largely on the homeowner’s vision of what they want out of their future home. The emotions attached with such endeavors are larger than life- a fact that this team understands from within their heart. While bricks, concrete, cement, etc. make beautiful houses, people and their emotions make homes. Every little building material placed in every inch of a space is a part of the homeowner’s vision. Therefore, Square Feet Story does the math while all customers need to do is let the team in on the dream. Such is the story behind the design evolution of the company and the team’s readiness to evolve with emerging trends that make Square Feet Story a leader among its peers.