Interior decoration

Does Interior Decoration Have To Be Costly?

It is a commonly perceived opinion that interior decoration is a pricey matter befitting only the upper-class society. Although there are multiple benefits to home decor, people tend to steer away from professional interior support due to this misconception. In truth, home interior design does not always have to be costly. Nor do interior decorators cost high all the time. Besides DIY-ing, there are a few ways interior design expenses can be marginally minimized:

Keep Clutter at Bay:

Keeping your space clutter-free is a smart decision for multiple reasons. It makes the space look good, has health benefits, and provides you with the option to be flexible with home decor. The fewer pieces you have, the easier it is to upcycle your design as frequently as you want. The first step to achieving a stunning style in your home is to get rid of all that you don’t need anymore. Besides decluttering your space and your mind, having less stuff will also make it easier to store everything neatly in your available space. Especially if you haven’t done a serious purge in a long time, this can become a huge task and it can feel daunting. Since decluttering does not require any expenses, this is a good way to go. Sometimes you’ll see that a simple decluttering has changed the look of your space significantly.

The Good Ol’ DIY-way:
DIY projects are a fun, cost-saving, and efficient way to achieve things that would otherwise have cost too much. From crafting home decor pieces to rearranging the layout or even applying an experimental coat of funky paint on an accent wall- all fall under DIYing like a pro. Of course, not all interior design activities can be DIYed and require professional help. But DIYing small details can heavily cut down on cost.

A Fresh Coat of Simplicity:

Painting is one of the most ancient, effective, and affordable ways to achieve radical space transformations while going easy on the wallet. Your selection of colors can enhance the lighting of your space, amplify the feel-good factor and bring about a much-needed revamping which was probably what triggered the need in the first place. But walls are not the only thing you can paint. For example, painting the ceiling in a bold color is still quite an uncommon thing and it will surprise everyone entering your home! Or, you can paint your doors (entrance door included) which will give a whole new character to the space at a relatively low expense.

Thrift Your Way To beauty:

Thrifting is an amazing way to save money on exclusive pieces that would have otherwise cost a lot. Usually, thrifting lets you stumble onto vintage antique pieces that are unique in design and rare to find. If you are short on a budget and want to avoid high interior decorator costs, then it is strongly advised to thrift down a few pieces of exclusive home decor and still pull off an amazing transformation. 

Think Different To Be Unique:

Creativity is often the solution to practical problems. And when it comes to home decorating, it allows looking at things in a new light. In particular, if you let your creativity flow you’ll realize that you don’t have to limit yourself to using an object for its original function. For example, looking for a new brass towel bar but can’t find it? A drawer pull is much easier to find and will do the job just fine. Want new flower vessels? Mason jars can come to the rescue. Need more storage but your bathroom is too small? Why not just try leaning a ladder on the wall? looked at creative and uncommon ways of using things that will stretch your budget.

Affordably Accessorize:

What if we told you that you can completely change the look and feel of your home with very little expense and without touching any of your existing furniture? Well, that’s exactly what home accessories can do. Artworks, vases, cushions, trays, candles…the list is long. Despite what some people think, all of these objects are not just dust catchers and can help your home in more than one way. First, accessories can freshen up a space, give an updated feel to older furniture and even cover some flaws on pieces that have seen better days. Second, by sticking to the same style and color palette in all your accessories you will immediately achieve a sense of cohesion throughout the home, and – as we said – this is one of the main ingredients of a stunning space! Last but not least, accessories are precious in adding your personality to the decor, which is key to making a home really yours.

When working with time and budget constraints, chances are you will not get to redecorate your entire home all in one go. This is not a problem at all! It may require a bit of mental training at first, but try to let go if things are not perfect everywhere. Taking time on your affordable interior design project will create the signature style that defines your taste. So, happy decorating!