Building Construction

Why Choose SFS for Building Construction?

Winston Churchill once said, “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us”. This means that the buildings we live and work in have an impact on us and we need to develop and manage them in tune with more responsible use of the world’s natural resources. 

Construction is our unique high-end service to bring to life residential and commercial spaces the way you imagine them. It is our turn-key service from concept to completion. In contrast to a standard design and build company, Square Feet Story (SFS) brings the top architects and engineers in parallel with in-house construction and project management, all under one roof. We have employed our construction teams to facilitate and execute our design vision in a tightly controlled, and streamlined way. Our construction ensures our high design standards are executed on-site. Projects are design-led, as opposed to build-led.

Our Construction service provides clients with an experience that is completely unique compared to what you will find in the market. We remove the stress of a building project and the fear of working with builders. All residential projects are designed, built and project managed by SFS. We are the sole point of contact throughout the lifespan of a project and manage the entire process from beginning to end.

At SFS, you will find an array of experts who work collaboratively to create unvarying designs tailored to your dreams. Our experienced team seasoned with interior, landscaping, construction, and brilliant architects are entrusted with delivering projects of your vision. Backed by bti, within a very short span of time, we have established a firm foundation of trust among our customers so that you do not have to look anywhere else for the aforementioned services other than SFS. Since we have a legacy of keeping promises for four decades, rest assured that you will get your project delivered on time with superior quality. Now let us dive deep into what SFS has in store for you. 

Architecture That Resonates Aesthetics

True to an integrated spirit that is characteristic of the perfect apartment, our residential architecture is designed in response to environmental, landscape, and customer needs. This follows the belief that our surroundings directly affect the quality of our lives and that includes our homes. SFS creates architecture that renders every project unique. With our inherent fascination for exploring the varying nuances of how people live; specifically, the relationship between creating beautiful inner sanctums, and designing functional environments that suit individual and family needs, our architectural team of conceptual designers, and technical detailing specialists work towards a consistent creative vision. Our residential architects work directly with our clients to evaluate project feasibility. This includes planning objectives as well as key commercial decisions regarding multiple occupancy design. The studio combines strategic thinking with design creativity to provide value-added innovative design solutions for all housing schemes. This ensures projects are attractive to the market, and meet the required long-term occupancy needs.

Uncompromised Quality in Construction

SFS is based on design and construction excellence promised by bti. Whether you want to build a home, resort, restaurant, or farmhouse, SFS is here to provide you with brilliant concepts that stand the test of time. From concept to completion, depending on your preference, environmental needs, and latest trends, we have skilled experts who will give you the perfect structure that you desire. It is the responsibility of our construction management team to realize the final look.

Incredible Interiors for A Harmonious Life

Once the construction process is complete, it is time to enliven your space! If you own a ready apartment and are thinking of giving it an aesthetic appeal with a marvelous makeover, you can definitely opt for SFS. We have a rich portfolio of spectacular interior designs that leave our clients spellbound. With the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, our brilliant designers design and build masterpieces that are not only pleasing to the eye but are also functional. Thus, the astounding transformation of interiors and our exemplary work have enabled us to be in the top spot of our beloved customers as we leave no room for compromise.

Square Feet Story offers standalone construction solutions in Bangladesh to allow landowners to have their dream projects built without sharing ownership of it. Backed by almost four decades of real estate experience from bti, an industry leader in the sector, SFS uses the construction CPM method to build and complete mesmerizing projects that have created a benchmark in the market. With a congregation of skilled experts, ranging from architects to planners to construction experts and much more, SFS believes in providing services that use the latest technologies and methods available in the country. If you are a landowner looking for such high-quality services, then Square Feet Story is worth a look.