Splash Viva Magenta in Your Interiors

How to Splash Viva Magenta in Your Interiors

Pantone recently unveiled the color of the year ahead of the new year of 2023, and people around the world are surprised by their unconventional choice. The viva magenta 18-750 shade stems from the family of reds, but plays a balance between the warm and cool. According to Pantone, the color represents vigor, pure joy, and encourages writing a new narrative with joyous celebration. For the new year, this is exactly the type of color you should implement in your interiors for a bold makeover. If you are a rebellious, audacious spirit not afraid to experiment and self-express, then here are some tips on how you can splash some magenta in your home interiors without making too much of a statement.

Create Vintage Nostalgic Vibes

Mega cities such as Toronto, Copenhagen, and Tokyo are already picking up the trend of implementing viva magenta in interiors. The viva magenta color is a versatile color that can work well with other hues to make a room appear alive and warm. The impactful color packs a punch, so it should be used wisely. In fact, it would look great in rooms that have large gatherings, for example the family lounge, library, living room, etc. The color can be appropriately harnessed to merge the old with the new. Therefore, minimalistic furniture with viva magenta walls or traditional cane furniture with magenta accessories would look absolutely stunning. It would give off a moody vintage feel, but combined with the modern furniture and floor plan, the color would also add an extra pop of color.

Add the Element of Surprise

Viva magenta is not an aggressive color, but surely packs a punch. The great thing about this color is that it can be used everywhere. From a smart, luxurious penthouse suite to a rural holiday home, viva magenta can wow you with its glossy vibrance. In an apartment with fiery colors, a hint of viva magenta in pillows, lamp shades, decor accessories, and seats can work wonders. This is because magenta looks great with its relative shades. Greens and golds work especially well, and can give off a tropical charm in beach resorts or sea-facing apartments. You would usually expect warm, neutral tones with hardwood furniture in these areas, but fancy dividers or room accessories with a hint of viva magenta can really liven up the room colors. Upon entering, you are in for a surprise when you witness flashy viva magenta carpets or rugs!

Bring Art Deco Style Back

The 1920s and 30s were famous for art deco architecture, characterized by strong colors and precise geometric shapes in design. Interior designers have already started experimenting art deco concepts with viva magenta because of its bright, vivacious appearance. Red, blue, orange, and purple go great with viva magenta, especially in art deco styles with dark corners. Imagine magenta table linens, candles, and vases around the room. A glossy finish of this color looks much better than the matte version.

Ensure A Little Magenta in Textures

The past years have been all about appreciating and focusing on nature. Viva magenta was also born with that same intention. It was derived from carmine dye, a pigment produced from cochineal beetles. It represents the grace to accept the past but also the endurance to brave the challenges in future. Therefore, viva magenta is the perfect color choice in risky, playful textures. Pantone recommends using viva magenta in lacquered walls and velvet couches to amp up the luxury factor. In a neutral colored dining room, fresh ikebana flower arrangement with the viva magenta color can add an interesting twist to the decor. A mural, a painting, or chandeliers with hints of viva magenta can also pack a lot of drama! Rooms that include playful decor such as kid-friendly play areas, children’s bedroom, art studio, or a creative workplace can also include viva magenta for an extra dose of excitement and fun. Magenta curtains are also a great way to add texture, but you might end up overdoing it. So, step back when it is getting too red!

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