Making the Guest Bedroom a Perfect Summer Retreat

Summer is sunny and warm, and brings us an explainable delight that we miss out on in winter. From relishing on seasonal fruits to refreshing drinks, this is the time that guests usually come by. Pool parties, barbecue events, and even some indoor social events make the season even more joyous. When guests plan to stay, you certainly do not want your guest bedroom to look shabby. The room might need a complete makeover depending on its current conditions. We at Square Feet Story have some tips that can easily help you achieve a stylish guest bedroom and impress your guests.

Let Your Walls Speak

Nothing looks more glamorous than a wallpaper with unique art and design. Your walls speak who you are, so choose a wallpaper that is befitting to the rest of the interior of your home but also makes the guest bedroom appear different from every other space. The wallpaper should not have too much going on. Rather it should be simple and elegant, or at best, a little bit edgy if you will. Find the true center of a wall and use peel-and-stick wallpapers that can be found online. These wallpapers need to be smoothed out over the wall. If you need professional suggestions on choosing your wallpaper based on the lighting and ventilation of the guest bedroom, get in touch with our interior team!

Don’t Leave Floors Unattended

Just sprinkling love on the walls is not enough. You have to make use of the floors as well. Tiles might feel cold at times, so you can use large and colorful rugs underneath the bed or heavy furniture. There should be rugs at the entry door and bathroom door as well. It would be nice to keep all rugs in the guest bedroom color coordinated. Strategically place decorational items or plants around the furniture so that your guest bedroom looks less boring. You can even add a rustic touch to the guest bedroom by peel-and-stick flooring materials. They come in all types of prints and textures, but for a rustic appearance you can choose wooden texture and print. This will make the guest room appear like a cabin lodge in the woods. For professional help regarding aesthetic flooring materials, our interior designers are ready to help.

Curtains for Comfort

Flowing, wispy, or very light curtains should not be used in the guest bedroom windows as it could affect their privacy. Rather, it is best to use plain blackout shades so that they can sleep sound and cosily. Place a lounge chair near the window along with a small coffee table and some books for better aesthetics. Curtains can be of any color that would be appropriate with the interior of the room. 

Smart is the way to go

Finally, guests would be blown away by the cool home automation features in the room. Remote-controlled air conditioners and fans, motion sensing lights, bathrooms with shower temperature control facilities, light dimmers, and automated drying racks can be added. Have fun exploring your options as we at Square Feet Story can provide you multiple Smart Home features at your preferred budget. Space-saving and retractable furniture are not only smart ways to save money but also add to the beauty of the room especially if it is slightly small. These types of furniture also allow more guests to live comfortably in the room. Finally, add a luggage rack and a phone charging counter for further convenience for the guests.

Make your guests feel right at home with these simple additions to the guest bedroom interior for a memorable summer. Call 16604 or visit www.squarefeetstory.com to knock on our interior design team and let us come up with a guest bedroom interior that will sweep you off your feet.