Mirror on the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are a staple favorite in any household for their functional and aesthetic application. From purses to walls to being outfitted on vehicles for safety purposes, mirrors are versatile in usage. Mirrors are one of the best decorative and transformative home decor pieces, in which you can invest without thinking much. You can go as big or small as you want and still not underdo or overdo it. From being your mandatory OOTD partner to being the décor piece that reflects light to brighten up your room, they have been a cult favorite for centuries.

As amazing as they are in function, mirrors come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This article surfs the variety of mirrors that can be used in your home for different purposes:

  1. Full-Length Mirrors:

Full-length mirrors come in an array of shapes, sizes and forms. The most basic classifications are- wall-mount and floor mirrors. Wall-mount mirrors are the ones that you stick on the wall with or without a frame anywhere in a space for any purpose. Floor mirrors are propped up on the floor with a supporting frame and can be easily moved around. Both are used as statement decorative pieces besides having the obvious application. The best part about these mirrors is that not only can you run with your imagination with their aesthetic features but they can range from very affordable to quite luxurious.


  1. Cluster Statement Mirrors:

Cluster statement mirrors are a contemporary décor piece that has been the home décor rage of the decade. Instead of choosing one big, gallantly shaped mirror for a wall, you choose an array of small decorative mirrors that beautify your space with their frames and arrangement. These are strongly advised for small households or homes with more than one gallery wall. There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to choosing cluster statement mirrors. Play with your inner creativity and compile your very own cluster that also works as a great DIY project.

  1. LED Vanity Mirrors:

LED vanity mirrors are dreamt by fashionistas worldwide. These are a must-have for every make-up aficionado. You can custom-make your vanity mirror with Hollywood LED bulbs, fairy lights or simply use LED strips to get the desired effect. LED vanity mirrors are easily available for spot purchase in the market these days.


  1. Stained Glass Mirrors:

Stained Glass mirrors are uniquely beautiful home décor pieces that will make your décor arrangement stand out for sure. The actual mirror is placed in the center while stained glass artwork adorns the inner perimeter of the mirrors. You may need to custom order these based on where you are located. But if you are looking for a standalone approach to space-styling then a stained-glass mirror is the way to go.

  1. Statement Shaped Mirrors:

Ever dream about having a big mirror on your wall that is cut in the shape of the moon? Maybe you desired a triangle-shaped mirror! Whichever shapes your heart desires, with the latest laser cutting technology and raw materials advancement, you can now find mirrors shaped in any way your heart desires. Hey, maybe you can consider a heart-shaped mirror as well!

  1. 3D Faceted Wall Mirror:

3D faceted wall mirrors look straight from the future! These dainty-looking mirrors are so beautiful to look at that any styling aficionado will want one. These have been known to be grand décor pieces in lavishly designed homes. If an extraordinary statement piece is what you were looking for then 3D mirrors are worth the investment.

Now that this article has aided to broaden up your creative vision about mirrors, you must get started ASAP! Whether you like the simple and sleek look or bold and modern, you can run with your imagination when choosing mirrors for home decoration.