Home Design Trends We Endorse

Top 5 Viral Home Design Trends We Endorse

A house simply does not feel like a home, or a sacred sanctuary without the designs meant to express your identity. Often it is hard to decide what to go for, and this is where we can be of help! Square Feet Story believes in innovation and bringing something new to the table. We help you design your space from scratch to full-on dreamy mode with our trendy solutions. We are constantly inspired by our clients and our environment, so we have decided to list the top 5 interior design tips that clients have requested and we absolutely adored.


Light it Up

When we think of fancy lighting, we usually imagine chandeliers, big bulbs over the staircase, or Turkish lights just hanging here and there. Have you ever considered lighting up your whole kitchen countertop? If you have then you certainly have our attention. We recommend using LED light reflective panels underneath the granite slab. The result is a gleaming countertop with light protruding in specific zones due to granite being made of different components. This is especially wonderful for a dry kitchen. You can easily turn it off before heading to bed and turn it on right before a party.


Keep Secrets

We want you to have privacy and as much storage as possible, but for all the right reasons! If you have a spacious home in mind, and you love to hoard, you should consider having a secret room within your master closet. This will also help you compartmentalize things without taking too much space. The secret room could be hidden behind a shelf, and here you can have extra drawers, cabinets, and a statement island to place your suitcases. Your personal belongings could be here as well without anyone knowing.


Stay Warm & Comfy

Heated towel racks are game changers, especially during winters. If you have a large family, there is even more reason to buy this. You can keep plenty of towels and bathrobes on it and save bathroom cabinet space. The heated racks also help to dry the towels before and after every use. Imagine stepping out of the shower and getting a freshly warmed towel right away!  You will instantly be able to pat yourself dry. Then wear a warm bathrobe and step out of the bathroom feeling absolutely luxurious. Towel heating racks are both sleek and space-saving, so you will not have to compromise aesthetics in any manner in any room.


Never Go Out of Neutrals

Keeping your home interiors within neutral shades is something so timeless yet trendy. The best part is that neutral shades work with all colors and all furniture. So whether you are upcycling vintage furniture, or using organic materials for your furniture, or have a lot of landscaped greenery at home, neutral shades are always your go-to. No need of trying hard and picking vibrant colors. Instead, relax within neutral shades. However, we do believe in contrasting, because completely bland interiors do not make sense. So you can use black accents. The window sills, doorknobs, shower heads, and small pieces of decor items can be matte black to complete the look. 


Feature Your Identity

Accent walls, or feature walls are now more trendy than ever. A wall that is different in design from the rest of the home should feature your true self. It should have the color you love or the color that suits your personality, with a texture that also matches your surroundings. You can hang pieces or appliances on this wall, but if you ask us, we would recommend keeping things minimal.

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