Design & Build Solution

A Complete Design & Build Solution by Square Feet Story

Owning a piece of land is the depiction of a long-cherished dream for anyone living in Dhaka. Whether you buy it on your own or with partners, maintaining and developing a land is no less than a hassle. From architecture to interior design, each process requires a lot of time, money, and expertise that can be difficult for an individual to manage. This is where Square Feet Story (SFS) comes into play! From start to completion, it provides a one-stop solution for your property that includes architecture, construction management, interior design, landscaping, logistics services, and much more. So, sit back and relax, while SFS turns your land into a dream come true.

The Chronicle of SFS

Getting a lucrative piece of land in Dhaka is a rare phenomenon, and acquiring it is an expensive process. In fact, lands above 5 Katha are not only hard to find but also are expensive. As a result, many people choose to buy smaller lands in groups and invest as much as they can. These lands may or may not be in prominent locations, but when bought together, can become a sizable chunk of land suitable for well-planned construction. Once the land is developed, each landowner can be allocated a single or multiple apartments. Although this sounds easy, it is a tedious process. To start with, there needs to be an architectural design in place, an expert who will oversee the construction process, logistics, someone who is great with interior design and landscaping. Running to multiple firms is a time-consuming process. Instead, would it not be better to approach a firm that has it all? That is the entire concept of SFS where you will get all the design and building solutions.

At SFS, you will find an array of experts who work collaboratively to create unvarying designs tailored to your dreams. Our experienced team seasoned with interior, landscaping, construction, and brilliant architects are entrusted with delivering projects of your vision. Backed by bti, within a very short span of time, we have established a firm foundation of trust among our customers so that you do not have to look anywhere else for the aforementioned services other than SFS. Since we have a legacy of keeping promises for four decades, rest assured that you will get your project delivered on time with superior quality. Now let us dive deep into what SFS has in store for you. 

Architecture That Resonates Aesthetics

When you own a land, you must have a vision of how you would like to develop your land. Our expert architects help your vision come to life. The timeless style and bespoke designs are the culmination of strategic thinking that is driven by creativity and innovation. From design development to construction management and document handling, our team knows what is best suited for you.

Uncompromised Quality in Construction

SFS is based on design and construction excellence promised by bti. Whether you want to build a home, resort, restaurant, or farmhouse, SFS is here to provide you with brilliant concepts that stand the test of time. From concept to completion, depending on your preference, environmental needs, and latest trends, we have our skilled experts who will give you the perfect structure that you desire. It is the responsibility of our construction management team to realize the final look.

Incredible Interiors for A Harmonious Life

Once the construction process is complete, it is time to enliven your space! If you own a ready apartment and are thinking of giving it an aesthetic appeal with a marvellous makeover, you can definitely opt for SFS. We have a rich portfolio of spectacular interior designs that leave our clients spellbound. With the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, our brilliant designers design and build masterpieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but are also functional. Thus, the astounding transformation of interiors and our exemplary work have enabled us to be in the top spot of our beloved customers as we leave no room for compromise.

Walk Down the Memory Lane with Landscaping

Have you ever imagined that you could live close to nature even in this city full of boisterousness? We understand the indispensable role that nature plays in our life. Hence, SFS came up with the idea to add greenery to homes. From planning, landscape architecture, urban design, and project coordination we work towards one goal – to give our customers the very best while living within nature.

Logistics Services to Spare You from Trouble

To spare you from pre-handover and post-handover trouble, SFS provides a comprehensive solution so that you do not face any disturbance. This service includes but is not limited to planning permission, building regulations, and planning application. Thus, you can relax as we do the tedious running around for you.  

Most of us long for the dream of owning a space as a measure of our identity. To transform that dream into reality, you have to develop, nurture, and care for it just like a parent! Square Feet Story also cares for your land just like that. It is the hub where you will get all kinds of services from developing your land to after-sales services. So, next time you plan to develop your land, whether residential or commercial, contact SFS and make your homeownership a joyful experience.