Why Contemporary Interior Design Always Works

Contemporary interior design concepts are not a thing of the distant past. In fact, it originated only a few decades ago during the 1970s, as an amalgamation of existing interior design movements such as art deco, modernism, and postmodernism. It gained momentum so much that it became its own interior design concept and continues to dominate the minds of interior designers to this day. Here’s why contemporary interior design styles are still all the rage.

It’s Trendy in Any Era

Contemporary interior design does not play by the rules as its predecessors did. Rigidity to a specific time period or set of rules does not necessarily apply. That’s what distinguishes this style from the rest – it’s ability to be ever-evolving and bending the norm. If you are a defiant personality, a combination of clean lines, minimalism, and decorative trends is sure to be the right style for your home. The style goes along nicely with the thoughts and concepts of all generations, from late boomers to gen Z!

Versatility at its Finest

Since contemporary interior design style fits in with the visions of the most recent generations, it can be applied to any kind of space. Residential areas, offices, retail settings, co-working spaces, you name it. Since it pulls in different styles and creates a unique interior setting, space owners can experiment and get creative with how they want their space to look like. For example, you could be a vintage lover who wants to instill contemporary interior design styles with art deco elements. Or, you could be a young homeowner vouching for healthy living, so you want contemporary interiors and cottagecore vibes. In both cases, the final outcome would be clean and stylish.

Eclectic but Unique

One of the best things about contemporary interior design is that you can use the design to tell who you are. Every space using this style combines different elements from different eras, and are therefore unique with little to no references. Even if you designed a contemporary home in the 80s, some interior upgrades and thoughtful renovation works will keep your home as contemporary now as it was years ago.  Therefore, you have to be willing to let go of the old and embrace the new!

Between Modern & Minimalist

Contemporary interior designs tend to borrow qualities from the modernist styles of the 40s and 50s. The aesthetics include neutral color palettes. The room may have less furniture and fewer pieces in the room, but each piece will make a statement with artistic vibes and superb craftsmanship. Many open floor plans follow this style for this reason. You may find a mixture of rough and soft textures in layers with clean lines. Imagine a room containing metal pieces of art, carved wood, soft flowy fabrics, beige curtains, and the strategically positioned bold pop of colors in artworks, throws, and rugs. Furniture and show pieces could be made with natural materials such as jute, appearing in geometric shapes and streamlined silhouettes.

How to get the Contemporary Interior Look

Here’s a mini checklist of what to do to get contemporary interior design right!

  • Declutter your home. Only keep furniture or pieces that scream artistic qualities, such as statement chandeliers or handmade wooden vases.
  • Choose a neutral palette and work your way up. So, use nude, beige, peach, whites, and similar colors around the room with one or two brightly colored pieces. For example, you could use a large round coffee table with brightly colored tableware.
  • Learn and borrow from previous and current styles. For example, when designing a bedroom, throw in a mid-century lamp, a modern rug, a cottagecore aesthetic with plants, and art deco pillows.

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