5 Tips to Add Texture to Your Home

5 Tips to Add Texture to Your Home

Textures are quite versatile in terms of aesthetic appeal and bringing in dimensional depth in any form of art. Nature is big on textures, be it plants or animals or landscape, and even, most man-made things can achieve an elevated look with the presence of it. In the world of interior designs, textures are one of the most basic and effective ways to bring in visual and sensory diversity in a theme. Pretty much any surface on any object, ranging from brick or concrete walls to wooden or tiled surfaces to fabric to metal, can be mediums of interior texture. 

Naturally, the art of applying texture to enhance an interior decor’s appeal can be quite the overwhelming task, and it is strongly suggested to leave it to the pros. The process begins with you selecting the central theme of your interior decor, based on which the game of textures will take place. The 5 tips below will be quite helpful for you while planning the addition of texture into your home decor:


What Your Walls Tell

5 Tips to Add Texture to Your HomeWhen it comes to selecting the texture of your walls, you can go either ways- a clean, sleek look or textures of your choice. If you are going with textureless sleek walls then you will have to find other ways to introduce texture in your home. The furniture, furnishing and accessories can be a great way to do that. However, if you apply texture on the walls then it is strongly suggested to keep the rest of the decor as minimal and sleek as possible. This will avoid creating a visual clutter in your space, and provide a soothing sense of aesthetics. 


Tip-toe on The Floor

Floors are the second biggest option to add texture to your home decor. Just like the rule-of-thumb with walls, you can go either way with floor textures- with or without it. There are a wide range of options to choose from including tiles, wooden, concrete etc. All these mediums come with both textured and textureless options. Maintain the overall decor balance based on the presence or absence of floor textures to create a harmonious look. 


Whispers of The Furniture & Furnishing

The furniture and of your space is a great medium for bringing some texture. Choose from a wide selection of wooden, metal or furniture made from other materials, and play with your upholstery or curtains to diversify the furnishings textures to introduce some rhythm into your decor. Various textures reflect light differently, and contribute greatly to break the monotony of a theme. If you are working around a particular theme, then this is a clever way to jazz things up!


Let The Decor Do The Talking

Accessories can make or break any decor theme. They are also very handy in introducing texture into your home. Throw in a rug or pillows of your choice to spruce up your space and tie your furniture together. You can also use a bookshelf full of books for contrasting pops, as books come in all kinds of colors and textures. This is a great way to functionally store your books while utilizing their aesthetic appeal. Additionally, plants are amazing when it comes to adding textures. Go with any kind of plant or any combination of these to bring in some natural dimension to your space.


The Tale of Light & Shadow

Here is a little-known style secret- A unique light fixture can actually be a killer texturizer. Install a modern or geometric light fixture to give your look an immediate upgrade. Moreover, how a light falls on certain textures can create a mesmerizing ambiance, enhancing the overall experience of being in a space.

This writer hopes that this article has been helpful for the Curious Reader in planning out his or her next interior theme. If you wish to consult a professional team or check out some amazing work portfolio, then I suggest checking out Square Feet Story.