Add Value to Your Home

House Paint Colors that Add Value to Your Home

Color can set the tone and mood in different parts of your home, evoking emotions and memories—and it can also increase a home’s value. Paint colors have the power to completely transform a room and compared to other home remodeling projects, it’s a relatively quick and inexpensive update. Moreover, house paint colors have additional uses and applications other than just enhancing the overall beauty of buildings. Depending on the color you choose, the pay-off from a few cans of paint can be huge, and if you’re looking to sell your home, it could amount to a wide margin of profit. Paint holds more than just color. Different finishes and sheens can impact how the paint color pops, how easy a wall is to clean, and other factors, as well.

Understanding various paints and their functionalities is as important as handpicking shades for your wall color paints and furniture since the quality and finish of your wall paint will bring your ideas to life. Each paint has its unique set of uses or applications. Here is a quick summary of the different types of paint and their different purposes & applications:

  • Oil paints: A resilient choice
  • Emulsions: Long-lasting beauty
  • Enamel paint: A Selective choice
  • Bituminous Paint: Water-proof choice
  • Aluminum Paint: Recommended for industrial uses
  • Cement paint: The chosen whitewash
  • Specialty paint: Lasts long, protects longer

Keeping the above information in mind when the right shades are chosen for a home before it is put up for sale, the resell value of it increases greatly. Here are some colors that will boost your home’s resell value a by a lot:

  1. White

Great for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, exteriors

If you’re looking for a color that will brighten up your home, and make spaces look and feel bigger and more inviting, you can’t go wrong with white wall paint colors. White is an especially good color for kitchens as they are the ultimate crowd-pleasers. Sticking to a neutral color like a warm white can allow potential buyers to see themselves in a space- something that a bold color might get in the way of. 

  1. Cream

Great for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms

A warmer shade of white, the cream is another neutral that can freshen up a space. The color cream gives a room an inviting feel and can boost a home’s perceived value by a lot. A soft beige creates a sense of welcoming comfort in all room types, including hallways and connecting spaces. Prospective buyers are attracted to light beige, pale taupe, or oatmeal-colored homes, paying a sizeable chunk of extra premium for these.

  1. Light Blue

Great for bathrooms, and bedrooms.

According to studies, light blue is the most popular color to paint a bathroom—and on average, could increase the value of a home by a lot. Bathrooms are areas where homeowners want to feel relaxed and any color that helps foster that feeling instantly provides increased value. Light blue can make a bathroom look inviting, comfortable, and cozy, yet spacious. As light blue is considered a neutral color that conveys feelings of peace and serenity, it is more likely to appeal to a wide range of styles and tastes. 

  1. Greige

Great for living rooms, bedrooms, exteriors 

Both gray and beige are excellent neutrals to paint interiors, but if you can’t decide between the two, greige offers a combination. Greige can be an alternative to white and gray and brings a feeling of elegance and sophistication. Not only will greige give your home a warm, elevated look but also it will increase its value, too. Repainting your living room a neutral color like gray, beige or light brown can boost your home’s value by a lot, which can be modernized with accents of white.

Of course, choosing paint colors is highly personal, and people should feel empowered to select shades they love that suit their decorating style. But considering the long-term value of a home, it might be worth opting for colors that will appeal to a wide array of potential buyers.