6 Tips to Design a Dreamy Kid’s Space

6 Tips to Design a Dreamy Kid’s Space

Creating the perfect home for your child is every parent’s dream.  A home where children are happy, safe and fulfilled to satiate both the mind and body is a fun but strategic task for parents. While designing a kid friendly home, less is always more. That does not mean skimping on creativity but rather, being practical. Optimizing space, creativity, functionality and safety is the key here. This shall be where your little one grows up to be a wonderful young adult which is exactly why there should be no compromise with the thought spent behind designing the space. Find below some wisdom nuggets on how to achieve an optimized child friendly space for your bundle of joy:

  1. Keep it Simple:

Often parents think that stuffing a kid’s room with an array of furniture, toys and other child paraphernalia is the way to go while dreaming up a little one’s space. This is not advisable for many reasons, including child safety and health conditions. For starters, an over furnished room may hamper healthy air circulation, retain dust bunnies and nest mosquitoes. Additionally, a congested or overwhelmed space may inhibit a child’s movement while causing unwanted accidents. So not only foregoing all the above is the wise choice but also a minimalistic space décor may encourage a healthy physical and mental development for your precious child. Choose furniture that save and beautify the space while serving multiple purposes, such as a bunk bed with a slide where the child can sleep, play, read and lounge around with a friend.

  1. Space for a Little Person:

Unlike full-size adults, kids are little people with adorable small features. Many parents decide to buy or custom-make full-size furniture for their children with longevity in mind. Children however, care more about cuteness than functionality, and furniture that complement their small features are an instant hit with them. Bonus- this is also a great space saver.


  1. Where Play is Main:

Chalk paint is not only affordable but also is an awesome answer to a parent’s prayer. You can paint some of the furniture surfaces with chalk paint or simply chalk-paint an entire wall, this will keep your little angel creatively motivated while you forego the hassle of cleaning wall stains. Another great idea is to have a Rock Climbing patch on a wall to get those chubby muscles going! Indoor swings can work wonders too. Just make sure to add a thick, soft rug to cushion impacts in cases of small mishaps.


  1. Get Crafty with Storage:

Strategic storages are space-saving as well as aesthetically pleasing. Your little muffin will own many things including clothes, toys, books and what not. Instead of a chunky cupboard, craftily build storage, such as- closets, bed drawers, panel storage, furniture storage etc. which can stow away a ton of things while leaving space for play and decoration wide open.


  1. Color Their World:

Parents can earn big brownie points with kids when they let them pick the colors of their space. You can always decide on quantity, shade and texture while working with the colors they have chosen. For example- your kid’s favorite color is yellow and you dread painting an entire room with the shade. A smart idea is to pick white or beige as the canvas color where yellow works as an accent shade applied in your desired quantity mingled with other shades or hues to be playful. It’s a win-win for both!


  1. An Imagination Corner:

Let there be a Tipi tent or a tiny Tunnel tent adorned with string lights and their favorite toys in your little one’s room. This will become a dedicated space for imaginations to happen, creativity to flow and friendships to flourish while serving as their reading nook or hideaway corner.


Where a child grows up is equally important as the how of it. The above are some simple parameters that can open a whole vista of design creativity for parents to create their children’s dream room. It is a task that parents do out of love but also have a lot of fun doing it. There are no hard and fast rules for this as long as the result appeals to the little one and you, your efforts should be considered a huge success! For kid-friendly interior designs and smart built in furniture concepts, Square Feet Story can help you create a child room perfect for your little one.