7 Ways to Add Parisian Interior Decor to Your Home

7 Ways to Add Parisian Interior Decor to Your Home

The French style of decorating an apartment is a universally popular one. People all over the world appreciate and try to adhere to this particular styling method. The French are well known for their fashion and aesthetics sense, so it would be no surprise if you chose to adopt the style to your home. The décor style is unique but simple, and integration of classic and contemporary methods, while the objective is to achieve harmony between design and antiquity. There are certain features that define the Parisian style of décor, which can add a touch of luxury to your home!

The Color Palette

The French generally gravitate towards white as their primary choice of colors for their walls. A distinctive French décor feature is ornate walls that add depth and elegance to the simple presence of white. This serves as the perfect canvas for decorating their space. However, their color palette also includes beige, dove gray, French blue, blush pink, khaki and black. The finish is usually chalky and matte and the shades are mostly used as accent colors.

Parquet Floors

Nothing screams more Parisian than Parquet floors. These are wooden flooring where the timbers are laid to create a geometric pattern more commonly known as Herringbone. Sometimes mosaic tiles are used on the walls to accentuate the flooring layout. This creates an interesting break from the pastel hues and as floorings go, they are absolutely stunning to look at!

French Windows

True to the name, this is where the window style comes from. The French install floor to ceiling windows to maximize daylight to play with light and shadow in their apartment. As a bonus, the night view of the outside appears star-specked because of the Parisian lights and creates a magical ambiance. Paired with sleek metal frames and ornate balcony rails, these windows provide a mesmerizing outlook of the apartment itself.

The Guilt Mirror

The French have fireplaces in their apartments above which they install huge golden framed mirrors, aka gilt mirrors. This is used to create the illusion of expanded space. But it amplifies the beauty of the space exponentially. If you do not have a fireplace, simply find a good spot! Some Parisians install more than one mirror in their apartments just for decorating purposes.

Add the Antique

Parisian home décor is incomplete without the addition of an antique piece. You can incorporate an antique piece of furniture or add antique décor pieces, such as- art, vase, candlestick, chandelier, vintage books etc. to achieve that statement.

Something Contemporary

Without the presence of something contemporary the vintage may fall bland- such is the inspiration behind the Parisian method of apartment styling. It works to accentuate the vintage and ornate decorations while standing as statement pieces of the creative output. Be it a piece of art or something else, bring vibrancy into your styling story with the addition of a contemporary piece of your choice.

Minimalistic Layout

The French believe in minimalism and room to breathe. Instead of cramming a place up with a lot of furniture, the Parisian style inspires space to spread out and shelving units for both storage and décor purposes. As vintage rugs are a must in this style, poufs and pillows serve well for a cozy, inviting space.

Space decoration is an artist’s canvas to paint it as the heart desires. Even when following a particular style, one should run with their imagination while their hearts carry out their favorite tune of happiness. It is not mandatory to adhere to the traditional mandates of Parisian style apartment decoration. But if you do decide to style your space the French way, give the above a thought!