The Story of Square Feet Story

You are a landowner looking to develop the land on your own without any external involvement but you lack the expertise to do so. Or, you have the architectural design for a home you wish to build but you do not have the construction support for the project. In another scenario, you have completed your home construction but now you seek interior design consultation or installation support. Essentially, you seek building solutions without having to share your property with anyone. bti has almost four decades of real estate experience and the existing customers of this company have approached it to find solutions for the issues mentioned above.


This is how Square Feet Story came to be.

Square Feet Story offers a comprehensive solution for interior design and construction services for residential and commercial properties. With an experienced team of seasoned architects, construction experts, interior designers, landscaping experts and logistics service providers, SFS is all about the perfect integration of creativity and resource optimization. Timeless style and bespoke designs that are created with the environment in mind is the signature of SFS’s service.


The design of a space should enhance people’s lives and represent their innate creativeness which is not limited to only interiors. A creative vision that connects construction, architecture and aesthetics, requires an approach that is the result of inquisitive, methodical minds. A people-driven endeavor, such as designing spaces encompasses a vast array of expertise. With this being the mantra of conduct, SFS has various departments of experts that work collaboratively to realize such visions:


Design solutions made for you

The architectural design of a space must be centered around the comfort and define the taste of the people using it. The unique value proposition of a design is the result of strategic thinking, design creativity and innovative solutions relevant to the surroundings. The department also offers planning applications, building regulation solutions and sustainable designs concerning eco-friendly issues.


Construction and management services at their best

Construction and Construction Management is a unique high-end service of SFS to bring to life residential and commercial spaces the way clients imagine them. It is a turnkey service from concept to completion. In contrast to a standard design and build company, SFS brings top architects and engineers in parallel with in-house construction and project management, all under one roof.


Aesthetically appealing interior design solutions

Architecture and interior are synonymously interlinked. Cultivating the proper balance between a building and its interiors requires the conceptualization and elevation of a surroundings-centric interior plan. This department of SFS focuses on just that so that spaces are not only aesthetically appealing but also are filled with light and air.


Landscaping solutions to soothe the mind

The landscaping department of SFS offers a comprehensive solution package including- planning, landscape architecture, urban design and project coordination. The department works towards exceeding expectations by also providing maintenance services as a part of the service.


Logistics Services catering to your convenience

The purpose of planning permission is to regulate the development and use of land in the public interest. Planning permission is required for most building work where the external building mass is modified or extended, or where it is proposed to change the use of a building or land. SFS’s logistic services offer a holistic solution to add value during the development and planning phases as well as on the worksite during construction.


Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail. To create something exceptional, the mindset must be relentlessly focused while addressing all concerns inside out. This is what Square Feet Story is all about- the story of each square foot of every project. Come to Square Feet Story for the perfect project of your dreams!