Celebrate Freedom With Red And Green Interiors

Celebrate Freedom With Red And Green Interiors

Bangladesh is set to cross 50 years of Independence. Once an impoverished state, we are now a developing nation progressing fast, with many achievements in our credit. On the occasion of the golden jubilee, the whole nation will adorn itself in red and green, and celebrate true freedom. You too can bring the spirit of independence in your home with the colors of the flag. After all, there is nothing more enjoyable than living comfortably in your own apartment, just like living freely in your own country.


Red: The Color of Energy 


In our national flag, the color red symbolizes the sacrifice of the martyrs and warriors who fought for the country. In your home, the red color could be tricky to work with. It can induce both positive and negative effects, but if you use it in just the right amount in the right space, it can make your interior look beyond amazing.


Red is a bright and bold color that catches the eye fast, and gives off warmth. You should avoid it in spaces that are naturally warm such as the kitchen or terrace. It can be added in the dining room or a part of a wall in the living room. Since these rooms are where guests hangout, the energy and positive vibes can be further stimulated with red. It does not have to be walls. With whites and pastel shaded walls or ceilings, use red colored furniture. A red jute mat or a terracotta shade wall can also add extra opulence! Add a red gallery wall which can have patriotic decor items. If you want to go for red wallpapers, choose one that pays homage to our nation. Remember, it is either the furniture or the walls or the decor items that can be red.


Red window frames add some grandeur to the walls. This idea will work especially for bedrooms. You can use deeper red for a more romantic and passionate flavor. If your bedroom has dul shades, spice it up with bright red pillows on the bed or seating arrangements. Avoid using it in the bathrooms and child’s bedroom.


Green: The Color of Harvest


Bangladesh is an agriculture-dependent country, and the green in the flag further exemplifies that concept. Green is the color for good luck, prosperity, tranquility, health, and nature. It is also one of the most abundant colors in color. This represents how versatile its shades are. Green works both indoors and outdoors depending on the shade.


Adding green is extremely easy. Just use plants! Whether they are artificial or real, plants make the entire space ambient and more serene. They look great in outdoor terraces, balconies, and even on walls. We would not recommend painting your entire wall with green, but placing green rugs, furniture, and decor items is definitely recommended. Green is also suitable for the bathroom tiles or the walls of your child’s room. Lighter shades would be more appropriate though. Add green carpets on the floor to give you a more grassy vibe. Green also works in the kitchen but it is best to avoid splashing the darker hues. Green carpets and towels look amazing as well, but in combination with whites and creamy colors.


We recommend that you not bring the colors of the flag together in one space. Instead, use lighter shades of green with sparse yet deeper shades of red. You can also do the opposite. For example, use light red curtains with green plants and rugs.


You can experiment yourself to find out what suits best for your home. If you need expert suggestions, you are welcome at Square Feet Story any time. It is time to bring patriotism and the essence of freedom within our homes and hearts to celebrate the success of Bangladesh.